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You know, it’s not just current, “modern media” that portrays bodies in “unrealistic” ways. Most of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh’s have their statues with broad shoulders and narrow waists. Basically because they’re Pharaohs and want to be seen as some sort of ideal. The ones you see above however are of Akhenaten. As 10th Pharaoh of the 18th dynasty, his reign was different from the others in that his statues and such, basically showed him as he probably REALLY was. As some say, basically opposite of all those other ones where the artists probably just made it as an “ideal”. He had “narrow shoulders, a pot belly and a sunken chest.” He also had some other different things like having Egyptians do away with worshipping multiple Gods… They also say he was probably forced to abdicate the thrown… and then Egypt went back to how it was before him. He’s also King Tut’s dad. Oh well. Random post, I know. Some people also think he was an extra terrestrial…

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